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Baton Rouge

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     Baton Rouge,  located along the Mississippi River  is the state capital  of Louisiana  and has become a center for filming with  a variety of locations to match your script.    There is a major airport , hotels and restaurants for crews,  and Celtic Media Center  provides full production, and post production services.
     Baton Rouge is located 80 miles  from the French Quarter,  and  Cajun Country  located  50 miles to the west includes  the towns of Lafayette, Abbeville, New Iberia,  St Martinsville

     These towns  provide excellent  louisiana film locations  as well as entertainment for weekend getaways for production and crew.
     St. Francisville  and Point Coupe  located within 30 miles to the north is a magical  area of southern town elegance  frozen in mid 1800’s.   It  has numerous plantations  and small towns built  around the commerce of plantations  when the Mississippi River provided the only means of travel and transport by paddle wheeler  from New Orleans to Minneapolis


                          Gerard Sellers, Louisiana  location manager, Cajuns, New Orleans Film Commission, Jazz, French Quarter,  Cajuns, Plantations, alligators

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