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     Plantation homes provide scenic filming locations in New Orleans. The primary scenic route for plantation home's is the old River Road, which is approximately 120 miles long on both the east and west bank, and which roughly parallels the Mississippi River between St Bernard Parish, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This route goes through many Louisiana parishes and towns, swamp and fertile sugar cane country. The two largest areas of historic landmarks fall within this general area. There is an additional corridor of plantations along the Mississippi closer to St Francisville up to Natchez Mississippi.


     Travelers along the route experience natural landscapes, agricultural fields, small town main streets, metropolitan communities and river life.


     A large number of historic resources line the corridor between New Orleans and St. Francisville. There are eleven national register historic districts, and over 1600 historic sights in this area of the state. At present, only 125 properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They range from grand plantation mansions to more utilitarian plantation homes to Creole cottages and slave cabins, schools, stores, banks, a tomb and even a jailhouse. If you're lucky, you may even catch the giant bonfires built on the Mississippi River levee to guide Santa to Cajun Land for Christmas.


     Some historic sights, while closed to the general public, are available as film locations through special contacts. Sites that appear in my portfolio are Louisiana filming locations that may fall within this classification. Please call for any special negotiations, or arrangements needed for your exclusive filming needs.

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