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New Orleans

      Scenic Filming Locations In New Orleans, LA

     The scenic filming locations in New Orleans, LA, are some of the most sought after locations in America. The city has played host to innumerable film companies over the years.


     The New Orleans French Quarter (Vieux Carre) is a fantasy-land of old world splendor, with French and Spanish architecture, small alley ways, wrought iron balconies, the St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and the Mississippi River are all within a ten by thirteen block area.


     The central business district and French Quarter will provide you with a variety of looks from the 1800 colonial period to the 20th century contemporary high rise office buildings. Within ten minutes is the charm and beauty of the mansions of the Garden District. Within a sixty mile radius of New Orleans, you can find the swamp, small towns, prairie, farmland, dairy land, and Antebellum Plantations which make the perfect places for still shoots and filming. New Orleans has a major airport and experienced, trained personnel for your crews.


     New Orleans is the perfect location for managers and producers to find an easy place to shoot. The New Orleans Film Commission is made up of representatives from various city departments including Police, Street Department, Parking Division, Fire Department and the French Quarter Commission. They work together with all location scout managers and producers in order to make filming in New Orleans as easy as possible. There are few permits necessary to shoot in New Orleans, so consequently you will find the majority of your filming in the city to be enjoyable and uncomplicated.


     Also, southern hospitality creates an easy atmosphere to work, live and dine in. An added perk to filming locations in Louisiana is that some of the finest five-star restaurants and hotels are rated here.


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