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     The scenic beauty of the Shreveport area provides an exciting backdrop for any production. A number of motion pictures have come to Shreveport for its - Kentucky-style horse farms, antebellum-style plantations, bayous, swamps, cityscapes and other diverse locations.


     The Shreveport Bossier Film Commission is experienced in  providing  the  assistance needed to bring your production  to the Shreveport area.  


     From 24-hour production assistance to location scouting, through the wrap of production, they will  help make your production cost-effective, professional, and enjoyable.  There are a number of Production Studios in the Shreveport area and one of the largest wave studios in the south.  


     Shreveport's  mild climate allow filming year round.  There is a international airport that can fly your actors and crew, and abundant hotels for your productions needs.

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