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Swamp Film Locations in New Orleans, LA

     Despite years of industrialization, Louisiana still has many miles of swampland left. Along the Mississippi River and its tributaries are some of the most pristine areas in the country for still shoots and filming. Such tributaries include the Red River, Pearl River, Atchafalaya River, Bayou Boeuf, and Bayou Lafourche, to name a few. When you’re looking for swamp film locations in New Orleans, LA, these are the best places to start—and we can help you get there. With more than 27 years of scouting experience, we can confidently say that we know our great state inside and out.

     Our scout has been sought out for film locations by top industry names thanks to his hardworking and passionate nature. You won’t find a scout who is more dedicated to the job or more familiar with Louisiana and its diverse landscape. Since he was born and raised in Louisiana and has made documentaries here himself, you can trust that you’re working with a knowledgeable person. We’ll help you navigate the swamps with ease and find the best places to set up your camera equipment.

Why Use Swamps as Film Locations?


     The majority of Louisiana crews are stationed near film locations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. These are all wonderful opportunities for beautiful settings, but swamps have their own appeal. Most Louisiana crew members have experience filming in the swamplands as well as in city locations, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of production quality. You can get the same beautiful shots out in the swamp that you would in the urban areas of the state.


     There are endless creative possibilities for swamplands. You’ve likely seen them featured in documentaries about the inhabiting wildlife, but that’s not all they’re good for. Plenty of creature features have the monster emerging from the depths of the swamp. Adventure and mystery stories like those of James Bond have made use of film locations like these as well by having the hero fight their way through dangerous territory. Whatever you’re filming, you’re sure to find plenty of potential here in Louisiana’s swampy settings.

How and Where To Film

     Louisiana has a number of locations where production companies have successfully filmed in the swamps. The secret to movie-making in the swamplands is to have a road on which to bring equipment by truck. The key areas are naturally those where airports, restaurants, and hotels can be found within a 40-mile radius. We can easily help you locate these necessities and ensure that you and your crews have everything you need to stay on schedule and under budget. By hiring us, you save lots of time and can focus on other aspects of your film.

     The most popular swamp film locations in Louisiana are near the cities of New Orleans, Thibodaux, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Morgan City, and Shreveport. Each of these places has boats and the operators necessary to film along the swamplands. There are alligators and alligator wranglers available, should you need one for your film. We have connections with all sorts of experts and police departments and know the city well enough to take you anywhere you want to go. When you work with us, you can consider the scouting done.

Contact us for connections with any of these beautiful places. We scout film locations throughout New Orleans, Louisiana, and the nearby areas.

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