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     Film Locations in New Orleans, LA

Diversity and authenticity make Louisiana a marvelous place to shoot your next film or video.


Film locations in New Orleans, LA, alone have the charm of the French Quarter, the elegance of the Garden District, and the quaint cottages along the Faubourg Marigny and Bywater districts. There are the beautiful cathedrals and massive above-ground cemeteries called the "Cities of the Dead." Just a few miles away is the beauty of the rivers and bayous along the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.




 Cajun Country Film Locations in New Orleans, LA

Acadiana, or Cajun Country, extends along highway 90 from Morgan City and travels west through New Iberia centering around Lafayette, St. Martinville, Abbeville, Crowley, and Jennings. In these areas Cajuns still speak Acadiana french as their main language. The area's attractions are diverse, ranging from majestic live oaks and stately antebellum plantations to picturesque marshes and rolling plains, to rivers, swamp and bayous with exotic names like Atchafalaya, Bayou Teche, Cocodrie and Cue De Tortue.


Then, there is the grandeur of the north Louisiana hill country, the pristine beauty of the piney woods, and the historic lakes and rivers in the central part of the state.


Grand Isle and Cameron have beaches. Some folks say that Louisiana's beaches don't compare to Mississippi beaches, but we like them.


There are so many different looks to shoot Louisiana Locations such as western settings, turn of the century railroad stations, prairies, dairies, and farmland. The list goes on and on. And, we have at least nine months of fair weather to shoot in. Our Louisiana scout and location manager can help find your specific site in which to film Louisiana for your project.

Old Friends  Grand Chenier Louisiana

Murphy Sellers, Isaac White  Lee Guidry

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